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Are they group lessons?

Yes, we offer group session during the different terms. These groups are designed to understand the basics of the instrument to ease them into the private lessons.


Do I need my own instrument?

We highly recommend students to have their own instrument to practice at home. In certain instances we will allow the student to check out an instrument for a short period of time.


Are you open the whole year?

Yes, we don’t work with the school district calendar. We offer private lessons during the whole year. Mostly, we close only in the main holidays such as: July 4, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve, and New Year.


What ages do you teach?

Usually, we receive students from ages 5 and up. In case parents want to have their younger children learn about music there is also a kinder program available.


Can I sit in and observe my child’s lesson?

Yes, you are more than welcomed to sit in the lesson, however, if it becomes a distraction to the student we recommend to wait in our comfortable waiting area so that the student receives their lesson it its entirety.


How are lessons approached?

The approach taken by our instructors is based on the needs of the student.


What instruments do you teach?

Guitar (All styles), Violin, Cello, Drums, Piano, Bass, Ukulele.


How much the tuition cost?

Pricing varies depending on the length of the month.
120 a month/ 1 hour per week (4 week month)
150 a month /1 hour per week (5 week month)
65 a month/30 minutes per week (4 week month)


Is tuition adjusted or credited when a lesson is missed?

Tuition is neither adjusted or credited when a lesson is missed.


Do you offer makeup lessons?

Yes, with a minimum of one day or early morning advanced notice. 1 makeup lesson per month. Contact us to learn more about our makeup lesson policies.