Lessons & Programs

“Experiencing MusiK” Summer Camp


It’s summer time! Let’s Jam!. Our summer Camp is for young musicians from 5-10 years old who have little to no experience in music or playing an instrument. During the camp students will learn about the basics of music by exploring different instruments such as: guitar, piano, drums, and ukulele, along with singing.



Private Lessons/ One-on-One

One-on-One sessions are designed to give our students the proper skills for success in their instrument. These Sessions primarily focus on the important areas of their musical development such as: Technique (playing the instrument properly), musicianship (self-expression), musical literacy (reading music) and adequate repertoire (songs and pieces). Our program allows our students to experience music in all its forms. Through careful instruction, consistent practicing, and performing all students will be given the appropriate tools to reach their individual goals.

Our instructors are fluent in: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Ukulele, Violin, Cello & Voice  


Chamber Ensembles

In the instrumental portion of our private program the students will meet every other week to work in an ensemble; placement will happen at the discretion of the instructor. This is an opportunity for all of our music students to experience performing with other musicians that are also working to gain valuable music experience. This program ranges from beginner musicians to advanced understanding of music and performance. The ensemble that the student will be placed in depends on varying factors including: skill level, both musically and technically, instrument of choice, age, and style choice.

Ensemble Objectives:

  • Establish music as a discipline
  • To build a strong foundation of musical interaction with peers
Guitar sessions for beginners

This Guitar group is designed for all young musicians to meet this popular instruments high demand. During these sessions, students will learn the proper guitar technique, chordal understanding and note reading while simultaneously performing as an ensemble. This guitar group is appropriate for children 6 years to 10 years of age. The space is limited to 8 spots.

This group is seasonal. The duration of the program is 4 months. Please ask for availability.

Ukulele Group

The group is designed to learn, play and enjoy this magnificent instrument in a fun way. During the ukulele sessions the students will learn chords, strum patterns, multiple songs, and interact with other ukulele aficionados. This group is suitable for experienced and inexperienced children with ages from 6 and older.

This group is seasonal. The duration of the program is 4 months. Please ask for availability.