One-on-One sessions are designed to give our students the proper skills for success in their instrument. These Sessions primarily focus on the important areas of their musical development such as: Technique (playing the instrument properly), musicianship (self-expression), musical literacy (reading music) and adequate repertoire (songs and pieces). Our program allows our students to experience music in all its forms. Through careful instruction, consistent practicing, and performing all students will be given the appropriate tools to reach their individual goals.

Our instructors are fluent in:



Our teachers can prepare exercises that will teach proper technique using practice pads, pillows, etc. This is an opportunity to get creative and have some fun! We’re musicians, after all. We should know how to improvise!

In Zoom, the online platform we’ll be using, you can pause the video part of the conference and let the audio continue until the signal improves.

We are recommending a parent sit in at least for part of the lesson with any students who are very young or may have attention issues.

We will continue to monitor the situation and send updates when we have new information. For now, this is indefinite until we learn more about the spread of the virus.