As educators we understand that performing is an integral element in becoming a well composed musician, and holding true to this belief we offer year round performance opportunities to expose our students to real world musicianship. These crucial developmental experiences motivate us and our students to continue growing in and developing the necessaries skills to success.

Yearly performances:

• Spring Recital Jam Out
• Rocktober Fest
• Winter Recital
• Guitar Ensemble Festival

Spring Recital Jam Out

The Jam out offers our young musicians the chance to experience a concert setting. Most of the venues for this event are public places such as: restaurants, concert halls, and schools.

Rocktober Fest

This is an exciting showcase/contest. All of our students form bands and show their talent on the stage!

Winter Recital

This is the most important event of the year. The students involved in this Recital show high level pieces and formal repertoire. Moreover, the Christmas songs and classical repertoire are the thematic motivation to students to show their talent.

Guitar Ensemble Festival

This ensemble is designed for the more advanced player. Repertoire and performances will challenge their technical and musical skills. This ensemble participates in events such as guitar festivals, competitions, and other highly rated venues.